Why I wanted to eat clean


If you have been following my instagram or facebook pages, you will know that I have been following Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond programme. It is essentially an eating plan that cleans your inside, gets rid of the bad stuff inside you and resets your digestion system while getting healthier.

There are many signs that your body is not coping with the food and drink you are putting inside of it, here are just a few.

* Fatigue or low energy levels

* Brain fog, lack of concentration and /or poor memory

* Sugar cravings

* Sleepy, bloated or gassy after meals

* Indigestion/acid reflux after eating

* Frequent headaches

* Bad breath or body odour!

* Depression or mood swings

* Food allergies or skin problems

I was experiencing a few of these and it made me so grumpy so I decided to do something about it!

Fad diet plans vs healthy eating

Fad diet plans vs healthy eating

In a nutshell, the plan consists of a smoothie for breakfast, a healthy snack, lunch, another snack and dinner. If you want to lose weight, you can have a smoothie for lunch too. I haven't been doing this as it isn't my aim, but I have lost inches already anyway.

I am on my 3rd week and I think it's brilliant! I feel so much lighter, energetic, happier and I am sleeping better. The food is not boring and even eating out is not a nightmare! I eat out a lot.

I have cut out dairy, refined sugar and gluten to follow the plan as best as I can. Sugar was my main vice though and I have actually found it really easy!

Results from 9 days into the plan - 4.5 inches down overall! I've now lost a further 2.5!

Results from 9 days into the plan - 4.5 inches down overall! I've now lost a further 2.5!

The biggest thing I have found is that everyone who has done the plan or currently on it is really really happy! They are all getting amazing results because it WORKS! You can learn a lot through this plan and I can't wait to see my results at the end, which I will share with you! If you want to know more about getting healthy for good it would be great to hear from you.

Beauty is not just the outside, what you are putting inside your body REALLY has an affect on our skin, hair and nails. If you are spending loads of money using these super duper products that promise you flawless skin and hair and nothing is working, try looking at the food and drink you consume!

I will be posting more of my day to day experience with the plan on instagram - fiddlestickstoni. You can follow me there!