What to say about myself?

I love makeup, I love weddings, so it made sense to combine the two together and specialise in bridal hair and makeup.

It is so lovely to be a part of your wedding morning - you can definitely feel the love in the air (so cheesy!) and it’s such a beautiful time. It’s amazing.

I’m obsessed with creating the perfect look for your wedding so you feel like the ultimate, bad-ass babe that you are!

Some fun facts:

- I’m a typical Taurus which means I am dedicated and have an eye for good quality

- I am quite into the spiritual stuff and love a good tarot card reading

- I’m a vegan and so all my products are vegan and cruelty free

- I love to laugh, dance and sing!

toni brushes-37.jpg

I use makeup to bring out your best features, celebrate your individuality and make you feel amazing!