[Inspo] Effortless and pretty bridesmaid hairstyles

I’ve styled a lot of bridesmaid hair the past few years, and I notice the go to style is '“half up half down and curly/with plaits”. I agree, this is a super pretty hairstyle, but I can’t help thinking it’s because they haven’t found a lot of other hairstyle inspo out there for bridesmaids.

Plus, if you have quite a large bridal party and they want this hair, it can actually take quite a long time. Getting all the curls perfect, smooth and long lasting is a tough process!

Here are some gorgeous hairstyles I think would make fab bridesmaid hairstyles:


Incorporating curls and different braid techniques creates a textured boho updo


i love a low side bun - it is quite versatile and can be textured or smooth and neat. It’s great for a hot day too as it’s still off the main part of your neck but not too formal.


One of my favourite updo’s is a rope braid bun!


I will always love a ponytail. This is a very modern style but I think looks so pretty, straight, curly or wavy, high or low!


A chignon bun is a classic style for a wedding, and looks very pretty with hair accessories

Image by  Jessica Milberg

There are some bridesmaids who want a simple style, this is a good one for keeping your hair accessories in place too.

I hope you found some new ideas from these photos! There are hundreds of styles out there so think outside the box and you’ll get a unique style for your bridal party