[Life] Festival of the Dead

Hey all! Now summer season is over, weddings have slowed down and I have managed tio have a bit of a social life again!

I took my best friend out for her 30th birthday and chose The Festival of the Dead. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that it was a mash up of circus, carnival and club and they encourage you to dress up. No-one dresses up where I live so I always get nervous when this happens haha! However, everyone made SO much effort! The costumes and makeup were amazing.

I wish I had tracked down that guy who wore a gold sequin jacket and asked him where he got it from.

Queen Bee MUA did our skull makeup and she has inspired me to spend the next year upping my face painting skills! So talented. I want to do Halloween makeup next year so once a week, I am going to sit down and practise a fancy dress look.

If you are looking for a decent night out, this is hands down one of the best nights I’ve been to. You will rarely find me in a club, but when you do it’s gonna be a decent one!