What to look for in a hair and makeup artist

Here I am, restarting the blog.

I was going to write about myself for the first post, but I already have an About Me page. I thought you brides-to-be would want to see more of the looks I create, so I will share that instead.


Yes, I can create looks to make you feel beautiful and amazing, but there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some of the other skills I have picked up on my beauty journey:

▪ bonding with my clients
▪ customer service skills and listening to what you actually want
▪ adapting my technique to suit what you usually like (not everyone likes bold brows and heavy contour for example)...
▪ being able to match products to different skin tones and types
▪ colour matching (my fave!)
▪ keeping my clients happy, calm and relaxed. I may need to change a look halfway through if they don't seem too happy
▪ picking up on my clients emotions. A lot of people are too polite to say they don't like something, so make sure you speak up

There are so many other hair and makeup artists out there - make sure you find one that you are totally comfortable with and can trust 100% to create your perfect look.

Toni SearleComment