Work work work!

Wow, so much has gone in in the past month the time has just flown by! How are you guys doing?

I've been doing lots of practise with manicures and pedicures, spray tans, doing makeup for photoshoots and a lot of Arbonne stuff too. Pamper parties - honestly you should book one, they are SO much fun! I love teaching people how to apply makeup correctly and helping them choose the right products for them.

The photoshoots were different styles; the first one was with Alison Crown Photography.

We have started doing Photoshoot Parties - so if you are looking for something different and FUN for a birthday or hen do, come along and have your hair and makeup done, have a laugh and get some great photos to keep afterwards! Alison has a lovely studio in Maidenhead, packages suitable for teenage parties who want to look like their favourite celebs, mother and daughters, family portraits, hen parties or to celebrate a milestone birthday.

The second photoshoot I did was a bridal style shoot down in Southampton. Was really good fun and something different for me to learn as I had to do the hair and makeup outside on the grass! The models were great fun though and must have looked the part as they got a few 'congratulations'!

I had so much fun at Stacy's makeup party! The ladies wanted to know how to do dewy, glowing skin and smokey eyes. Let me tell you, they did so well and could be pro's in no time! I haven't laughed that much in ages, what a great bunch of ladies!

I offer different parties, from facials, skincare, makeup and spa parties. If you would like to book one please get in touch (they're free!).

I'm off to enjoy the sun now, see you next month!

x Toni

Bridal Hairstyles

Oh dear I have left it nearly a month to do another post - oops!

You might not know, I have now added hairstyling to my services. I thought I would share some pictures of bridal hairstyles I have done. What are your favourite bridal looks?


Why I wanted to eat clean


If you have been following my instagram or facebook pages, you will know that I have been following Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond programme. It is essentially an eating plan that cleans your inside, gets rid of the bad stuff inside you and resets your digestion system while getting healthier.

There are many signs that your body is not coping with the food and drink you are putting inside of it, here are just a few.

* Fatigue or low energy levels

* Brain fog, lack of concentration and /or poor memory

* Sugar cravings

* Sleepy, bloated or gassy after meals

* Indigestion/acid reflux after eating

* Frequent headaches

* Bad breath or body odour!

* Depression or mood swings

* Food allergies or skin problems

I was experiencing a few of these and it made me so grumpy so I decided to do something about it!

Fad diet plans vs healthy eating

Fad diet plans vs healthy eating

In a nutshell, the plan consists of a smoothie for breakfast, a healthy snack, lunch, another snack and dinner. If you want to lose weight, you can have a smoothie for lunch too. I haven't been doing this as it isn't my aim, but I have lost inches already anyway.

I am on my 3rd week and I think it's brilliant! I feel so much lighter, energetic, happier and I am sleeping better. The food is not boring and even eating out is not a nightmare! I eat out a lot.

I have cut out dairy, refined sugar and gluten to follow the plan as best as I can. Sugar was my main vice though and I have actually found it really easy!

Results from 9 days into the plan - 4.5 inches down overall! I've now lost a further 2.5!

Results from 9 days into the plan - 4.5 inches down overall! I've now lost a further 2.5!

The biggest thing I have found is that everyone who has done the plan or currently on it is really really happy! They are all getting amazing results because it WORKS! You can learn a lot through this plan and I can't wait to see my results at the end, which I will share with you! If you want to know more about getting healthy for good it would be great to hear from you.

Beauty is not just the outside, what you are putting inside your body REALLY has an affect on our skin, hair and nails. If you are spending loads of money using these super duper products that promise you flawless skin and hair and nothing is working, try looking at the food and drink you consume!

I will be posting more of my day to day experience with the plan on instagram - fiddlestickstoni. You can follow me there!

5 Ways to Perk Up Your Mood

As any English person knows, you get the odd day of bright sunshine which perks everyone up and gets them happy but this is in between days of grey, dull skies. I don’t know about you, it makes me feel RUBBISH.

I thought I would share a few things that have helped cheer me up on sulky days; I hope they will work for you too.

Make a Playlist & Dance

This one is simple – create a playlist of your favourite songs that make you want to move and smile and put it on while you get ready/cook dinner/have a shower/do the ironing/whatever the heck you want

Book a Holiday

Booking a trip away is always exciting – it doesn’t have to be a luxury 2 week all inclusive holiday in Bora Bora (that’s going on my vision board!), it can just be a few nights away in a cute B&B by the beach to be able to perk up your mood.


There’s loads of advice on this already if you just google. My advice is to do a workout you love. If I do Zumba, I feel so good afterwards. However, if I went for a run, I would feel just as annoyed as I hate it!

Eat Feel Good Foods

There’s also loads of advice on eating healthily to perk up your mind. That’s because it works! I was eating junk for a while and feeling bloated, lethargic, rubbish, fed up. Now I have only been sticking to a meal plan for 4 days so far and I feel full of energy, less tired, quite happy all the time and all round better! I can recommend some good plans to stick to if you want to know more, or consult a qualified nutritionist directly.

Create a Vision Board

Most of us are definitely not doing what we dreamed of as a kid. Life and society distracts us from what we really want and we forget what lights the fire inside of us. Taking time out to collect pictures of things you want in life, no matter how farfetched they seem, is a really fun activity and can help you get back on track if you’ve forgotten where you are going. You should try it! Even if your dream is to be so rich that you own a tropical island, include it! No dream is too big!

fiddlestickstoni Just finished watching the replay of @iamcarriegreen Goal Setting workshop - wow I didnt realise I had so many goals stuck in my head. I used a money box for my dream jar for now as I don't have a jar laying about, I think it is cute though! If you are in the process of or even thinking about starting your own business, I definitely recommend googling the FEA 🤗 #femaleentrepeunerassociation #goalsetting #dreambig #aimhigh #nevergiveup

fiddlestickstoni Just finished watching the replay of @iamcarriegreen Goal Setting workshop - wow I didnt realise I had so many goals stuck in my head. I used a money box for my dream jar for now as I don't have a jar laying about, I think it is cute though! If you are in the process of or even thinking about starting your own business, I definitely recommend googling the FEA 🤗 #femaleentrepeunerassociation #goalsetting #dreambig #aimhigh #nevergiveup

Do you have your own ways to perk up your mood? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear them!

Spray Tans now available!

Hi everyone! I am excited to share that I am now qualified and taking bookings for spray tans!

I did my course with Beau Bronze as I saw they are Cruelty Free, that's a big tick in my book!

Award Winning BeauBronz is an environmentally aware company, with a progressive approach to the beauty industry. They offer natural spray tanning solutions of the highest quality, none of which are tested on animals at any time in their production.

  • Free from alcohol and harsh chemicals
  • Odourless
  • Long lasting
  • Quick developing
  • Can be customised to suit the needs of the client
  • BeauBronz offers the ‘Holistic Tanning Cycle’, which involves a pre-tan exfoliating spray and a post- tan moisture lock spray
  • Their professional tanning solutions are over 95% natural
  • Paraben Free
  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • All products have certificates issued by an independent consultant on natural products

I really liked that the tan came out very natural, no one will be asking you where you got your spray tan from. They will be asking where you have been on holiday instead!

I am offering introductory prices, contact me for more details.

Why you should shop using small and local businesses

Hello! Hope you've all had a good week.

Since joining up with Arbonne, I have learnt a lot about what ingredients go into the products we buy all the time from our high street shops. 

It's made me realise: THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS at all! 

Point #1) Comodogenic ingredients.

Comodones is basically the scientific word for blackheads. Comodogenic ingredients are things that will clog up our pores, not let our skin breathe, block the beneficial ingredients to our skin and cause breakouts and blackheads. Not good at all. Things like talc, mineral oil(what we most know as petrol, yum....), propylene glycol (antifreeze) are used because they are cheap but they bulk out the product. Sometimes they may be tiny amounts, but even so I don't really want that on my face, do you?

Point #2) Parabens and Phthalates. 

Parabens are chemicals that keep a product from going off. So what you see on the shelves could have been sitting there for years. Phthalates are chemicals that bind a fragrance.  Both of these have been proven to cause illness and hormone imbalances in humans. Why are these still being used if they are bad for us?

Point #3) Animal by-products.

ANIMAL WASTE. I've been putting that on my face and body! Ew. 

Point #4) Formaldehyde. 

You can google this but this is so bad for you and 1 human death has been caused by Formaldehyde. Again, why is this still being used?

As you can see, these big bosses of all these companies only care about making as big a profit as possible and not about our health. It may not bother you, and that's fine, but it really bothers me and a lot of people out there don't even know these facts. 

After learning all of these points, I am always researching the companies I buy from a lot more. I've joined up with Arbonne to stock up my makeup artist kit and they have a huge range of Health and Wellness products. You can find more info on

I already had a goal to shop more local this year, rather than high street shops. I actually have 2 friends that have started their own businesses and they are really doing well. 

One friend set up The Good Life to sell homemade skin care which are all amazing products! She uses all natural ingredients and has a blog to advise you on a proper skin care routine, with all the information you need.

Another is Hygge Home and she is selling home made scented soy wax candles. They are seriously the best I have ever used! Usually you have to pay extortionate prices to get a decent candle. but these are such a bargain.

What I have learned shopping with small businesses, is that they actually care about the service you receive. They want you to enjoy the products and that they are beneficial for you, and they want you to have a great customer service experience and not rip you off! That's what we want, right? So, I don't see why we are still doing our main bulk of shopping in high street stores when we are trying to look after our health. Think about it.