The Best Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup for a Perfect Base

Back in 2016, I decided to change my professional makeup kit and use cruelty free products. I was lucky enough to meet my now business partner at a wedding fair who told me all about some products which are cruelty free AND vegan. I gave them a try and was SO impressed! 
The foundation - OMG! I've never achieved such a flawless base so easily until I used these. The coverage is incredible and in my photos, it looks like I have applied a filter! Amazing. What I really love is that the formula is so lightweight and let's your skin breathe, and it's the first foundation I have used in my life where I don't need concealer most of the time! It. Stays. Put. Clients have slept in this, been to the gym, cooked Christmas dinner (hot oven air blasting their face), it doesn't budge. Love love love it.

The primer is a complete dupe of Mac Prep + Prime, it gives a really silky finish, fills in fine lines and pores and gives a great base for your foundation to stick. Given the choice between cruelty free and non-cruelty free primer? It's a no brainer.

I had never really tried powder foundation before, but I gave the Arbonne one a go in shade Bisque. If you love fuller coverage, this is a brilliant product. It can cover my winter red Rudolph nose and stay put even when wiping with a tissue, so on super bad skin days I use this.


The CC cream is a fab product if you are in a rush. It primes, hydrates, moisturises, conceals, corrects and does loads of other things. I like to team with mascara and blusher for an everyday look. It's also great on a wedding job if I have a lot of bridesmaids!
If you wish to test any of these products and give them a go for a few days, you are more than welcome to borrow a bag from me. Drop me a message and we can get this sorted. Sharing is caring!

My Favourite Makeup Artists

Hello, Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a great week so far.

Today, I thought I would share my favourite makeup artists with you! There are sooo many MUA's out there but these ladies work just always stand out for me. 

1. Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte always does really glowy, dreamy, glamorous looks and her products are fab!I am obsessed with the look she did on Emma Roberts at the moment, go check it out - it's amazing! I love that the makeup is all cruelty free too!


Okay, I might actually just want to be Lisa a little bit. She is so cool! She loves sequins as much as I do, has little quirky bits of décor in her house which is fab and she is hilarious. Lisa's tutorials are so easy to follow and it's like you are doing your makeup with a mate. I love that she inspires women to play with makeup and have fun with it, which is what it is all about! Check out her Halloween series too, there are some great creative looks on there. Oh and her 2 makeup books are brilliant!
Loooove Ciara! Her editorial looks are always on point and she gives the best advice in her book 'How to Succeed in the Beauty Business'. She seriously knows her stuff and is very supportive to others which is awesome. Also has the best hair!
Another cool girl! Linda is sooo creative, I love every look she does although I would never pull it off like her haha. Her makeup brand is also vegan and cruelty free, yay! Defo check out her insta! I need self portrait tips from her.
Bobbi Brown is always going to be one of my favourites! She is the reason I got into makeup in the very first place. It all started from her Makeup Manual book. I love that she embraces natural beauty and uses makeup to enhance features, not change them. She sticks to her guns and doesn't succumb to pressure to do the latest fads and trends (contouring for example). She knows what she likes and always produces amazing looks to make women feel beautiful and confident. Really awesome!
I hope you found some inspiration from these amazing makeup superstars! Share your favourites with me in the comments.

[Favourite Beauty Looks] London Fashion Week SS 2018

Of course I was always going to go for a rock chick look and Tommy Hilfiger did this brilliantly! It looks like the wing was created with black eyeshadow rather than eyeliner, I'll be trying this one out for sure!
Julien Macdonald and Versace also had a focus on dark eyes - I love how versatile they can be! From smoky and smudgy to edgy and graphic, it's one of the best looks to play around with because you can't get it wrong
Some Versace designs from the show
Brighter looks from House of Holland and Temperley - love love love the models dewy skin done by Charlotte Tilbury in the second image!
Do you think you will be trying out any new looks for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Why I don't celebrate Valentines Day

My friends and family will know that I am not into this commercialised Valentines Day stuff - in fact last year I think I posted 'Happy Vom-etines day!'
I've never been one for PDA's and find the whole thing very cringe, but my biggest reason is that YOU SHOULDN'T NEED 1 DAY REMINDING YOU TO SHOW YOUR PARTNER LOVE! 

I try and show my husband how much I love him as much as I can. We both show love in different ways, I like to do little things like make a cup of tea for him every morning, back off when I realise I am winding him up and actually listen to him when he is talking to me. It's so easy to get distracted with all this modern technology now, watching TV or playing on our phones is something that happens a lot. We don't need to spend silly amounts of money on gifts just because the shops tell us to, and we eat out a lot anyway so I don't want to spend extra money to go out at the same time as everyone else (I wonder how many couples will be sat on their phones at dinner?).
  Check out Joanne Coates on Instagram!

Check out Joanne Coates on Instagram!

Another big thing I believe is that you can't show someone love and happiness unless you truly have it within - again, self care is a HUGE part in anything. If you are deeply unhappy, it will show on the outside and you will project it by being irritable and rude to others. If you don't love yourself, how can you spread the love to others?

My favourite ways of self care:
  • Having a nice bubble bath or foot soak
  • Having 20 minutes to blast my favourite music without being interrupted
  • Spending time with my friends
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Zumba
  • Taking time to put on my makeup or do my nails
  • Going for a walk in the fresh air and exploring new places
  From my recent trip to London

From my recent trip to London

If you do fancy having a bit of a beauty pamper, take a look at my beauty services page. I love to help make people feel relaxed and special, sometimes a pretty manicure or a makeup lesson does just that. Take care of YOU.

What to look for in a hair and makeup artist

Here I am, restarting the blog.

I was going to write about myself for the first post, but I already have an About Me page. I thought you brides-to-be would want to see more of the looks I create, so I will share that instead.
Yes, I can create looks to make you feel beautiful and amazing, but there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some of the other skills I have picked up on my beauty journey:

▪ bonding with my clients
▪ customer service skills and listening to what you actually want
▪ adapting my technique to suit what you usually like (not everyone likes bold brows and heavy contour for example)...
▪ being able to match products to different skin tones and types
▪ colour matching (my fave!)
▪ keeping my clients happy, calm and relaxed. I may need to change a look halfway through if they don't seem too happy
▪ picking up on my clients emotions. A lot of people are too polite to say they don't like something, so make sure you speak up

There are so many other hair and makeup artists out there - make sure you find one that you are totally comfortable with and can trust 100% to create your perfect look.