[Inspo] Black Wedding Dresses

It may be because of this theme for a Styled Shoot coming up or that I’ve seen a load of gorgeous dresses on Insta, but I am really feeling black and grey wedding dresses.


Black dresses are definitely not for everyone, I know, but you have to admit the craftsmanship and detail on these dresses are beautiful!

I only discovered Legend Bridal dresses today - OMG they are so gorgeous! I love it when someone’s designs just stand out and I remember them. There are SO many dresses out there, it’s easy to get lost, so when a designer sticks in your mind, take notice!

I always gush over Claire Pettibone dresses, but these are by Eliza Jane Howell and her designs may have taken over…! Very vintage inspired.

Lucy has the coolest designs! I especially love her dip dye dresses.

You can find the designer’s websites below: