Ways to de-stress from your wedding planning

Planning a wedding is such a weird time. You’re still so young, and finding your way in adult life and suddenly you have to do this huge, adult thing and arrange a whole flippin wedding day (or weekend!). So of course, it can feel a little daunting and stressful.


When I planned mine, I was lucky enough to feel quite calm throughout the planning phase and had a lot of fun with it, even with having to make a lot of decorations and bouquets etc. It definitely helps to pick the best bride tribe - i had amazing bridesmaids who were laid back, got stuck in with helping and never argued with any of my choices.

Anyway, if you are finding your stress levels rising, please please please make time for yourself and have a pamper! Here are my favourite ways to destress.


Meditation - laying down, focusing only on your breath and nothing else? What better way is there?! Tone It Up have some great little quick meditations that you can do throughout the day, or there are so many more on YouTube that are also longer if you have more time.

Journalling - we all get worked up and have some silly thoughts that can build and won’t leave our minds until we can get them off our chest. Writing them down will instantly make you feel calmer.

Pamper - have a bath filled with bubbles, Epsom Salts or a bath bomb. Put on a face mask. Paint your nails. Go book a massage. Anything that makes you feel good.

Delegate - your bridesmaids aren’t there just to wear a pretty dress, they are there to help you! Give them some tasks to do to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Dedicate some time for NO WEDDING TALK - it’s easy to get lost in the wedding planning and sometimes it causes lots of arguments between you and your fiance. Dedicate one night, a few days or a week to not talk about the wedding whatsoever, and remember why you are together in the first place. Go on some fun dates.

If you are seriously overwhelmed and can’t cope, seriously consider hiring a wedding planner. Your health is way more important and if you can let someone else take care of the organising, you can relax and become excited again! Check out these awesome babes Twin Flame Styling and Rock the Day Styling

I hope this helped you with some ideas. Let me know your favourite ways to destress in the comments below!