Choosing your wedding hair and makeup

Hola! Hope you are good and your year is coming along nicely so far.

I saw a post on Facebook for some makeup advice and some of the comments really irked me. The bride who posted was asking if red lipstick was a good choice of colour. She wears it all the time and feels like herself when she puts it on.

So many makeup artists were leaving the most annoying comments, telling her that red is too much for bride and that she should choose a more nude colour instead. No! Just no. Shaking my head so much right now!

Your wedding day should be fun, amazing, incredible, the best day with the best memories. In order for that to happen, you need to feel comfortable, feel beautiful and still feel like yourself. So, if you are not sure of what to go for, here are my tips:

Stick to your usual look

I’ve had a lot of brides and bridesmaids who think that because it is a wedding, they need to try something different to what they are used to. I am all about stepping out of your comfort zone, but if you are really uncomfortable then it is going to show in your pictures! You spend a lot of money on your photographer, so make sure you feel relaxed for your photos.

So if a smokey eye is your everyday look, we will go for that. If you wand feline flicks but have never tried them before, you’re probably not going to like it. The same goes for hair - you may think you want a curly updo because that’s just what brides do, but if you’re used to wearing your hair down and straight, you can still create a beautiful look with this.

Book a trial

Because of this reason, it is essential to book a trial. I will do a full, detailed consultation with you before we start - from what products you like, what colours are in your wedding, what you would like to try and what you usually do when you apply your own makeup, how you wear your hair normally and lots of things. Then I will do at least 2 different looks to show you what it will all look like, take pictures and work with you until you are 100% happy. Trust me, a HMUA can tell!

Talk to your artist

You may be one of the super polite brides who don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. If you feel rude saying you don’t like the hair or makeup, don’t! Trust is essential in the relationship with your artist, and if they are anything like me they will want to know. Everyone’s style is different, and sometimes just a few tweaks will completely change the final result. It will never be 100% right on the first try but let me tell you as soon as it is right, your whole aura changes and you just glow. So speak up!

Use your own products

If your skin is sensitive or if you like a certain product, you can ask your artist to apply it for you. You don’t have to stick to the makeup in your artists kit if you don’t want to. Alternatively, you can book a makeup or hair lesson if you really don’t want someone else doing it for you. This way, you still can learn how to keep everything looking perfect all day and in your pictures.

I hope this all helps you - remember, it’s your wedding so go with your gut if you feel like there are to many opinions coming your way, and make it your own!