How to declutter your makeup bag


You probably have a lot of makeup, but end up wearing the same products as well as buying the new makeup from your favourite brands. Their marketing is very clever! If this sounds like you, then you need to declutter your makeup bag.

It sounds like a chore but really doesn't take that long and you will discover some old faves in the process!

Collect up everything you have - look in your makeup bag, handbag, travel bags and bathroom cupboard. Spread it all out on the floor and put them in categories i.e. all lipsticks together, all foundations together etc.

Have a look at expiration dates - there is usually a little symbol on the packaging with a number to show you how many months it should last after opening.


Use this as a general guide to any opened products

⦁ Cream cleaner 1 year

⦁ Gel cleanser 1 year

⦁ Cream/moisturiser 1 year

⦁ Oil based foundation 1.5 years

⦁ Water based foundation 1 year

⦁ Lipstick 1-2 years

⦁ Mascara 3-4 months

⦁ Powder 2 years

⦁ Shadows 2 years

⦁ Brushes Wash properly every month (seperate blog post to come)

⦁ Sponges Wash weekly and discard monthly


Throw away the following:

⦁ anything that smells funny

⦁ any product that is chipped, messy or runny

⦁ brushes that are falling apart

⦁ puffs and sponges that are dirty or falling apart

⦁ any seperated liquids

⦁ anything you haven't touched in the past 6 months. You migt be saving for a special occasion but trust me, you'll go straight back into your comfort zone and use the same old products

⦁ throw any garish ugly colours

⦁ throw any pasty or dull looking colours that make you look ill

⦁ any frost style makeup

Now look at what's left. Do you notice any dominant colours? What are the products you use everyday? What were the most obvious impulse buy mistakes?

Create 2 kits - one for your home full of products that you never reach for to touch up your makeup during the day, and one travel kit. Usually this would be powder, lipstick, eyeliner and things you add more of when it wears off.

If you find there are essentials that have gone out of date, then this is the best bit - go shopping! Test out new foundations, eyeshadows, blushers and anything that you love to use. Try and stick to 1 item though - you don't need 10 different foundations and 5 powders to go on top! You can always add some products to your birthday list too.

I hope this has helped - comment below with any makeup you rediscovered or what you threw away!